Word from Rev. Annie Arakelian

I continue to be amazed by how the Lord works through this ministry to fulfill His desires to see His children saved, healed, set free, and strengthened. I am in awe of how He fulfilled every promise over this year and empowered us by His spirit to help us carry out even greater works.

At the end of 2021, the Lord gave clear vision that 2022 would be for equipping His army (the body of Christ). We saw Him doing this with an accelerated pace through the ministry’s groups and schools. I am so proud of our steadfast students and attendees who have grown and transformed so much over these months.

It is also my joy to announce the launch of our new LLC “Wholeness Haven” , which will further bring equipping and restoration to the body of Christ (more info is in this newsletter). I was also honored to mentor an intern this year (who was doing her masters program in counseling), and hope to continue and grow these opportunities. 

We had an amazingly fruitful year. I give big thanks for all the support and prayers we received from our followers and members. We are forever grateful to our Lord for this powerful team work.

2022 Accomplishments

Launch of “Wholeness Haven”

In addition to the non profit ministry, we have launched a new entity: Light of the Comforter Wholeness Haven LLC. This is the organization that will host our in-person retreats and boot camps. 

The retreat center of Wholeness Haven is decorated in a unique way to spoil and remind each woman that they are special. This is in alignment with the mission to make each guest believe in their value as a daughter of the King.

Wholeness Haven Academy was also founded to facilitate and launch academies and e-courses. These virtual and in-person trainings equip students and leaders all around the world on topics related to wholeness in body, soul, and spirit.

If you’d like to know Wholeness Haven’s offerings, please 

Email contact for e-course offerings: academy@locwholenesshaven.com

Email contact for retreat offerings: retreat@locwholenesshaven.com

Wholeness Haven “Refreshing and Empowering” Retreat

Highlight video with testimonies can be viewed here!

View highlight photos by clicking here!

Light of the Comforter held its annual wellness retreat, hosted for the first time in sunny Florida. The retreat was the inaugural event for the ministry’s new brand “Wholeness Haven”, which was established to continue promoting health in the body, soul, and spirit. In alignment with Wholeness Haven’s mission to restore the daughters of The King, each room was decorated in a unique way to spoil and remind each woman that they are special.

Eleven guests from different states and countries traveled to participate in refreshing and empowering activities. The women enjoyed fellowship and fun while visiting SeaWorld, swimming, and receiving facials. Restoration and healing of hearts was experienced during the inner healing art workshop.

Incredible breakthroughs and healing were experienced during worship times because the tangible presence, glory, and love of God touched hearts and minds. There were many open heaven encounters where angels and Jesus Himself came to empower and fill all. 

Deliverance was experienced by many, freeing them from bondages. Impartation and activation of spiritual gifts and callings was experienced as the anointing of God poured out.

The Lord led us to incorporate specific flags(designed by Monique Kendikian-Sarkessian) into our worship and impartation time. While each was waved as a banner (Exodus 15:17), the Lord released different things into the atmosphere and upon specific people. Some said “His banner over me is love”(Song of Solomon 2:4) and released His love, while other banners were red with the color of Jesus’ blood, and released His righteousness or His fire.

We give God all the glory for all He did during this retreat! He truly spoiled us with His love and showed His power and faithfulness in whole new levels.

Certificate Schools

One of our goals for 2022 was to grow and expand our online school offerings in order to reach more leaders around the world. Over the year, new course offerings were added, equipping over 29 prayer ministers and pastors located in 3 countries. Thanks to generous donations, several scholarships were able to be offered to students who showed great merit and dedication.

Completing one of these schools is a HUGE accomplishment that we don’t take lightly. In order to receive certificates of completion, these courses required commitment with attendance, homework, and practical application through exercises. We are so proud of each of our graduates, and admire them for their dedication to spreading the healing power of Jesus Christ around the world.

To see the fruit of your prayers and donations for this ministry, join us in listening to student testimonies at this link. Please join us in congratulating our graduates!  

Want to learn at your own pace?

Our online certificate schools were taught live but recorded. If you’d like to have access to the recorded videos and notes (though some courses just have notes at this moment), you can purchase them online here! Further questions can go to: academy@locwholenesshaven.com

Six-Month Inner Healing & Deliverance School


This school will train you to minister to the body of Christ through inner healing and deliverance. Learning about these two topics will bring healing and freedom in your own life and equip you with the tools and knowledge how to minister to other wounded souls. You will be equipped with spiritual warfare weapons and strategies to set captives(to sin, pain, and curses) free.

Two-fold purpose of the school:

  1. Restoring students’ true identities, through healing and deliverance from past wounds and captive areas.
  2. Equipping students for prophetic healing and deliverance ministry.

We are so proud of our 21 graduates of this school!

3-in-1 Prophetic Ministry School

Comprised of three schools:

  1. School of Spiritual Gifts and Holy Spirit
  2. School of Prophecy and Discernment
  3. School of Prophetic Intercessory Warrior


Have you been seeking to develop your spiritual gifts and discover how they tie into your purpose? Have you been wanting to grow in the prophetic, understand dreams, and hear God’s voice clearer? Do you want to know how to more effectively intercede in prayer, so you can reach breakthroughs for yourself and others? 

In addition to receiving teaching, you will be in a safe environment to discover, practice, and strengthen your gifts, while learning how to overcome their weaknesses. Step-by-step guidance will be given during practice scenarios which will help you grow in confidence to use this gift to further the kingdom of God. Impartation and activation during the sessions will also increase the frequency and strength of the prophetic insights you receive from the Lord.

We are so proud of our 23 graduates of this school!

Entering Your Season of Abundance

End-of-Year Event

Light of the Comforter Ministries had a special service on December 21st, to begin the transition into the new year. There was worship and prayers for individuals, families, and nations to be anointed with the Holy Spirit’s fresh oil. Rev. Annie Arakelian gave a prophetic word from the Lord about His plans for 2023.


As we received the Lord’s fresh fire and passion for 2023, we were positioned to walk in our new seasons of abundance. Throughout the service, the Lord was:

  • releasing His glory upon us
  • healing painful memories
  • releasing the gift of tongues(+warfare tongues)
  • impartation of interpretation of tongues
  • releasing messages in tongues which were understood

The Lord led us to fill up jars of oil to symbolize being filled up with His wisdom, love, joy, peacespiritual gifts, financial breakthrough, healing and more!

Visions were seen of:

  • Jesus thanking us for our worship
  • The angels manifested in the natural realm to pour blessings into our jars
  • Jesus wearing an apron to serve us, saying “What do you want me to do for you? Ask and it shall be given to you.”

Pentecost Service

It was a powerful time gathering on Pentecost Sunday for worship and prayer. As we honored, praised, and invited the Holy Spirit, rings of His fire burned in the spirit, mixed with His tangible love.

Healing rivers were released, bringing restoration and strength to people’s bodies. Spiritual freedom was experienced after deliverance from fear, oppression, and discouragement. Empowering words of prophecy were given, activating people with new mantles, weapons, and gifts to walk in their calling for God’s glory.

We invite you to watch this recording here to pray along with the repentance, impartation, and activation prayers. May the gifts of the Holy Spirit be stirred up in you as you watch and receive His power by faith!

Twelve Support Groups

Our online support groups continued to be offered for women, men, and youth to grow spiritually and in community. Safe spaces were created for them to connect heart-to-heart, share, and be mentored by spiritual mothers and fathers. Discipleship and gentle coaching have been given to all who’ve sought personal breakthrough, deliverance, healing, and spiritual activation. Supernatural breakthroughs have been seen in physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual capacities by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit.

To view the full list of current groups, visit: http://lightofthecomforter.org/ministry-support-groups/

Support Group Testimony highlights

Wherever the presence of the Lord is, there is healing, deliverance, and transformation! Let your faith be increased by reading and praising God with us for these testimonies spiritual, emotional and physical healing encountered in our other support groups:

  1. Supernatural Breakthroughs and deliverance
  2. Men receiving breakthroughs and being prepared as generals in God’s army (which was promised in the 2022 prophecy).
  3. Physical healing of bodies
  4. Breaking of generational curses from family lines
  5. Activation and impartation of spiritual gifts and mantles

For more testimonies visit http://lightofthecomforter.org/reviews/

Global Outreach

The heart of this ministry is to reach and equip more leaders and pastors around the world. This year, we had the opportunity to support, minister, supply needs, and bless children of God from these countries:

  • India
  • Burma/Myanmar
  • Armenia
  • Lebanon
  • Afghanistan

Please keep our partners and friends in each of these places in your prayers. Many are going through persecution, hardships, and challenges. Pray for the leaders God is raising there and that hearts would be prepared for the coming revivals!

Social Media Presence and Video Database Build-up

As a part of our 2022 goal was to reach more leaders and believers around the globe, we’ve invested in growing the content on our YouTube channel. Here, you will find more expanded selection for prayer, teaching, and testimony videos. Now, finding and sharing impartation and activation resources from our ministry is even easier!

Do you want to be alerted first when we release new video content? Subscribe to our Youtube channel by clicking here , or look up “Rev. Annie Arakelian” then click on the red “Subscribe” button. To help these videos reach more souls hungry for the healing of Jesus, please “like” , view, and share them.

2023 Prophetic Word

Over the course of several powerful encounters, dreams, visions, and words from the Lord, Rev. Annie Arakelian received prophetic insight for what God has in store for 2023. He’s highlighted verses from His Word to confirm that next year will be a season of abundance and harvest.

The Lord shared with her that He plans to restore, empower, and equip churches, new leaders, and prophetic intercessors to get them positioned to win spiritual battles. He also spoke about the near future of Hollywood and the End-time strategy of the Satan.

We invite you to watch, receive, and align with this word, by clicking here or watching the video below. Make the commitment to walking in holiness and leaving your comfort zone so you may receive what the Lord has promised you!


New Book Publication: “Entering Heaven’s Gateways”

Responding to a burden and mandate from the Lord, Rev.Annie has recently published a new book called Entering Heaven’s Gateways. It is a documentation of her heavenly encounters, and teaching on how to use supernatural keys to enter the heavenly and demonic gates. 

Below is a summary from the back cover. If you’d like to purchase this book so that you can receive the whole revelation, you can do so here: 

Click here to buy on Amazon

Click here to buy on Barnes & Noble

In the middle of the night, she awoke suddenly to the Lord speaking to her. “I want you to write a book on My anointing and Glory.” She sensed urgency in His voice as He said, “Time is short, I am coming soon!” He then relayed her future work as an author for His glory. His instruction to write was repeated through prophecies, words of knowledge, night visions, dreams, and anointed leaders all telling her, “God is calling you to write and share His Glory and supernatural encounters with the world.”

In Entering Heaven’s Gateway, Reverend Dr. Annie Arakelian shares personal encounters, visions, and revelations about the heavenly realms. These are complemented by relatable and supportive teachings and scriptures, which guide readers on a learning journey to understand Heaven’s gateways and the keys to unlock them. The encounters shared in this book led to prophecies that the Lord revealed to Reverend Dr. Annie Arakelian for 2022 and beyond.

The Lord is equipping His army in battle preparations. He wants His Church to walk in the supernatural with signs and wonders, while empowering His body to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is releasing new spiritual end-time weaponry and supernatural keys to unlock destinies and accelerate His work on earth through the Body of Christ. In order to complete this work, we must first break our destinies free from the gates of captivity, the gates of the enemy, and open people’s hearts to receiving Jesus Christ, the King of Glory.


2023 Goals

In 2023, the Lord has directed the ministry to continue to grow in 7 areas. 

  1. Launching the new certification school “Mobilizing the Army of God”
    1. This school will go deeper into equipping warriors in the army of God with specific warfare strategies so they can possess their Promised Lands.
  2. Continuing in-person wellness retreats
  3. Running in-person boot camps to train soldiers in the army of God
    1. These intensive boot camps will equip and empower God’s soldiers so they can operate on the next level that He has for them.
  4. Mission trip
  5. Train missionaries through Wholeness Haven Academy
  6. Have internship programs for graduates and growing leaders.
  7. Teach the message of supernatural keys from “Entering Heaven’s Gateways”
    1. The Lord spoke to Rev.Annie that 2022 would be the year of using supernatural keys. He then gave her directions on writing her book “Entering Heaven’s Gateways”, which explained how to use God-given keys to go through spiritual gates.
    2. In 2023, free webinars will be hosted where she will teach about the principles shared in the book, and how the keys can be used practically and personally.

Sow into the Kingdom of God

Never doubt the impact your small seed can have in the kingdom of God. If you have been blessed by the ministry activities of Light of the Comforter and share our vision to bring the love of Christ to the brokenhearted, we invite you to sow financially into the ministry. There are ongoing daily needs, fundraising efforts for mission trips, and emergencies that have come up for us and our partners, so your donations can be used mightily for immediate impact! 

If you feel led to be a part of the rapidly-expanding move of the Lord in and through us, you can donate to Light of the Comforter Ministries here:  https://www.paypal.me/LightOfTheComforter

Private Counseling

Are you are hurting, haunted by past traumas, or experiencing any kind of emotional/mental issue? Are you desperate to experience healing and breakthrough in your life?

If this is you, please out to us for private counseling and deliverance sessions with Rev. Annie Arakelian at rev.annie@lightofthecomforter.org.

Private sessions are also available for: Life coaching, temperament therapy, career coaching, leadership coaching, health and wellness coaching, Premarital counseling and coaching.

About Light Of The Comforter:


Light of the Comforter is a “non-profit” prophetic ministry of inner healing and deliverance. Our mission is to fulfill the Great Commission of advancing the Kingdom of God by sharing the full gospel of Christ and walking in His supernatural power.

This is completed by restoring, empowering, and training the body of Christ through personal ministry, counseling, coaching, healing, and deliverance. Equipping leaders and generals in the army of God all over the world is our passion. Our purpose is to bring the love, healing, comfort, and deliverance of Christ to the brokenhearted through the light of His Holy Spirit.

 Ministry Team Members

All of the activities carried out this year wouldn’t have been able to happen without the amazing members of our team. It is such a joy to serve alongside such amazing people who serve and support each other in unity and love. They all have unique callings, anointing, and gifts that have been used for the Lord’s purposes and glory. Though they are all located in different parts of the world, we have all been flowing in unity through the Holy Spirit during online services.