All SCRIPTURE is God-breathed and is useful for TEACHING, Rebuking, Correcting and TRAINING in Righteousness- Timothy 3:16

Any of these teachings can be combined to be taught in a conference setting based on the length and the time of the conference between 1-3 days. 
It can also be taught through Skype sessions (Group or Individual).

For more information or to INVITE US for a conference, contact us by Email:

Baptism of the Holy Spirit

Emotional Wounds

wound of rejection 

Orphan Spirit & Identity

Spiritual Soul Ties

Prenatal Wounds

Captive Spirit

Sexual Abuse Healing

Depression & Loneliness


Shame & wounded spirit

Spiritual realm

Fear & Freedom

Cleansing of your home

Destructive Relationships

Jezebel Spirit

Generational curses

Shattering Strongholds

World Religions & Cults

Prayer & Intercession

The Battlefield of the Mind

Armor of God

Bitterness & wounds

Grief & Healing

Psychological Disorders

Anger & Health

Stress & Anxiety