We see events happening every day in the world that show darkness and evil are increasing in the world. We are seeing prophecies from the biblical book of Revelation play out in real-time before our eyes.
While God is bringing global revival and movements of His glory, Satan is likewise doing everything he can to prevent the expansion of God’s kingdom. Deception and confusion has come to confuse Christians and churches so many are not walking in holiness. Believers must increase their awareness and discernment for the evil agenda of Satan, and his cunning methods that bring in his darkness.
In this online course called “Exposing Lucifer’s End-Times Strategies”, your eyes will be opened to the spiritual roots behind secret organizations, the dark-sides behind “harmless” cultural practices, and occultic practices that are infiltrating society. You will be encouraged by hearing God’s intentions to redeem and triumph over the works of darkness.
While going through group deliverance and renunciations of Satan’s deceptions, you will be set free to participate in God’s end-time army to destroy the enemy’s strongholds.
Website with the full course content, and schedule: https://locwholenesshaven.com/exposing-lucifers-end-time…/
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