Areas of Life Coaching

Areas of Life Coaching

HEALTH AND WELLNESS LIFE COACHING (Boot Camps/Retreats and long distance via Skype)


LEADERSHIP LIFE COACHING (Designed according to individual’s needs)


What is the Focus of Life Coaching?

Distinctions of Life Coaching to therapy:

Psychotherapy/Counseling usually focuses on resolving illness or trauma, treating cognitive or emotional disorders, healing pain, resolving conflict or issues from the past.
Some therapists are integrative and do focus on enhancing human functioning.
But for the most part, people seek out therapy for emotional healing or relief from psychological pain.
When they are in crisis, need deep hurts and conflicts healed or resolved.
Personal Coaching involves the present and how we are moving toward the future.

Coaching focuses on what the client wants. A Coach helps us;

• Discover ourselves, increasing our awareness and potential

• Focus on our values

• Discover and realize a meaningful vision – personal and professional

• Pursue passion

• Create a mission statement direction

• Identify most important goals

• Maximize the potential of the client by building their strengths and skills

• Craft a strategic life plan

• Accomplish a new, higher level of personal development

• Reach greater career success

• Increase quality of life and life satisfaction

• Live a life with purpose that matters

• Be more effective in a particular area. Enhanced performance.

• Go through life transitions

• Adapt to change. ex. Divorce

• Life balance and wellness