Do you want to practice and learn how to hear God’s voice clearly? Do you want to grow in your prophetic gift and calling? Do you want to understand your dreams and when you’re sensing activity in the spiritual realm?

This course will help you learn how to give and receive prophecy while maintaining integrity. Recognizing when your 5 senses might be discerning something in the spiritual realm will better equip you to respond during ministry and every day life situations. Interpreting dreams, and visions will be easier as you understand how God speaks symbolically.

Step-by-step guidance will be given during practice scenarios which will help you grow in confidence to use this gift to further the kingdom of God. Impartation and activation during the sessions will also increase the frequency and strength of the prophetic insights you receive from the Lord.

Course Content: On the bottom half of this page, the course content is listed. 

Structure: The time will be spent teaching and doing group exercises for prophetic activation.

Certification: A certification of completion will be awarded if ALL THREE schools in our “3 in 1” school (aka Prophetic School of Ministry) offering are completed with fulfilled requirements. These 3 schools are:

School 1 School of Spiritual Gifts and Holy Spirit
School 2 School of Prophecy and Discernment
School 3 Prophetic Intercessory Warrior

Course Completion Requirements: A certificate of completion for the School of Prophecy and Discernment will be awarded if no more than 1 session is missed.

To graduate with a diploma from the whole Prophetic School of Ministry, the following must be completed: 

  • Attending all sessions (1 permitted miss)
  • Participation in any exercises during the session
  • Doing the assigned weekly exercises
  • Completing the 3 schools of the program
  • Keeping school policy

Suggested Donation$500, payable in 2 installments (additional payment plans available)

First day of class: January 17th

Meeting Times: Monday evenings 6:30-9pmEST

Number of sessions: approximately 9

Place of meeting: On Zoom

How to sign up:

  1. Complete the online enrollment form by clicking the “Registration link” button below. You will be contacted through email once your response have been reviewed and you’ve been granted admission.
  2. Once you have been approved for the school, payment method options and instructions will be provided.

Questions:  All questions about the school can be sent to .

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  1. Understanding the Gift of Prophecy
    • What is Prophecy?
      • Scriptural definitions of prophecy 
      • Characteristics of the prophetic  
      • The source of prophecies  
      • How much does a prophet know? (1 Cor. 13:8-13)  
    • Why do we prophesy? 
      • God wants to communicate 
      • Edification, exhortation, and comfort 
    • Who can prophesy? 
    • What is prophetic activation?
  2. Five Channels/Realms of Prophecy
    • The office of the prophet
    • Prophetic Preaching
    • The prophetic presbytery
    • The gift of prophecy
    • The spirit of prophecy and prophetic song
  3. Purity: A Requirement for the Prophetic 


  1. Understanding the Prophetic Anointing
    • Prophetic Seers anointing
    • Dreamers and visionaries
    • Prophetic intercessors 
    • Prophetic Counselors  
    • Prophetic Writers 
    • etc. 
  2. Types of Prophetic Anointing
  3. Guidelines for Starting to Use the Prophetic Gift
  4. Types of Prophetic Words
    • Personal prophecy vs. Rhema revelation 
    • Logos prophecy vs Rhema prophecy
  5. How God Reveals His Will
    • God’s methods
      • Divinely directed desire
      • The gifts of the Holy Spirit 
      • The fruits of the Holy Spirit 
      • Unity 
      • The way of the Lord 
  6. Personal Prophecy
    • Personal prophecies for ministries, gifts, and callings
      • A common practice in the early church 
      • Putting personal prophecies in perspective 
    • Divine healing and personal prophecy 


  1. Basic Components of the Prophetic
  2. Principles of Giving/Understanding Prophecy
    • We prophesy in part
    • Prophecy unfolds progressively
    • Conditional vs unconditional prophecy
    • All personal prophecies are conditional
  3. Preparation Before Giving Prophetic Words
    • Set the atmosphere
    • How to hear the Holy Spirit
      • The conscience or the inner witness
      • The Holy Spirit pulls us backward 
      • The Holy Spirit leads us forward 
      • How to know the difference if our thoughts and revelations are from the holy spirit or evil spirits
      • Division between soul(mind, will, emotions) and spirit  
    • How to receive prophetic revelation
      • How the spirit gives revelation
      • How the spirit speaks
      • Types of Prophecy 


  1. How to Give a Prophetic Word
    • Share the 5 W’s and H
    • Obtain permission before prophesying
    • Using correct prophetic terminology of time
    • Practical Application Do’s and Don’ts
  2. How to Receive a Prophetic Word
    • Testing the Prophecy
      • Practical Methods for Testing the Spirits
    • Responses after Receiving a Prophetic Word
      • Responding properly
      • Understanding the prophecy
        • Prophetic terms implying particular processes
        • Principles of Giving/Understanding Prophecy
      • Attitudes of a proper response to prophecy
    • Hindrances to the Fulfillment of Personal Prophecy
  1. Maintaining Purity in the Prophetic and Avoiding Pitfalls
    • God’s Part in Maintaining our Purity
      • He remains silent so we draw near
      • He refines and chooses when to promote us
    • Our Part in Maintaining Purity
      • Prioritize intimacy and relationship with God
      • Renew the mind
      • Be grounded in God’s word
      • Understanding your current assignment
      • Pursue him even in dry seasons
      • Have the correct heart attitudes
  2. Pitfalls of Prophetic Ministers
    • Soulish Pitfalls
      • Desire to be special
      • Worldly distractions/loyalties
      • Depression & fighting spirit
    • Idolatry Pitfalls
      • Money and fame
      • Occultism
      • Divination
      • Spiritism
      • Magic
      • False prophets
      • Charismatic witchcraft
      • Idolizing prophetic words, prophets, experiences
    • Immaturity Pitfalls
      • Impatience
      • Not motivated by love
      • Failing to cooperate with other ministries
      • Not having integrity
      • Trying to have a prophecy for everyone and at all times
      • Over-familiarity with the prophetic office
      • No proper spiritual coverage
    • Training Pitfalls
      • Wrong environment
      • Wrong calling
    • Prophetic Discipline Principles: Response and Remedies
      • Guilt
      • Self-examination
      • Repentance and remedies
      • Judge not lest you be judged


  1. The Purpose of the Gift of Discernment
  2. A Discerning Spirit vs. Gift of Discerning of Spirits
  3. What Can Be Spiritually Discerned
  4. How We Discern
    • Touch
    • Sight
    • Hearing
    • Smell
    • Taste
    • Emotions
    • Sensing
  5. Determining Your Common Discernment Method
    • Feeler
    • Seer
    • Hearer
    • Knower
  6. How to Grow and Steward Discernment
    • Activating your spiritual senses
    • Undergoing testing
    • Maintaining a pure heart
    • Cautions regarding discernment
  7. Testing Discernment
    • How do we know if what we’re discerning is accurate?
    • Work with a team
  8. Discernment Pitfalls
    • Carrying the Burdens of the People instead of the Burden of the Lord
    • Not Discerning the right timing for your life 
    • Failing to Discern Wrong Visions and Revelations
    • Disobeying God’s Leading
    • Not Discerning the Spirit behind the Word
    • Pitfall of Being Led By Rationalization


  1. Prophets(Nabiy’) vs Seers(Ra’ah/Chozeh)
    1. Prophets
    2. Seers
    3. Difference between prophets and seers
    4. Working together
  2. Difference Between Occultic “Seers” and Prophetic “Seers”
  3. Types of Seer Experiences
    • Examples: Images, Visions, Dreams, Trances, Open Heaven, etc.
  4. How to Grow in the Seer Anointing
  5. Guidelines for Stewarding and Testing the Seer Gift
    • Guidelines for Interacting with Angels


  1. The Purpose of Dreams and Visions
  2. Who Receives Prophetic Dreams?
    • All flesh
    • Those intimate with God
    • Those who are mature
  3. Dreams in the Bible
  4. Types of Dreams
    • Intrinsic dreams
    • Extrinsic dreams
    • Categories of dreams
  5. Sources of Dreams
    • Dreams from the Holy Spirit
      • Warning dreams
      • Calling dreams
      • Directional dreams
      • Creative dreams
      • Deliverance dreams
      • Prophetic dreams
      • Etc
    • Dreams from the Demonic Realm
      • False dreams/Deceptive dreams
      • Dreams from fallen angels
      • Fear dreams (Nightmares)
      • Dark dreams
    • Dreams From the Natural Man
      • Body dreams
      • Soul dreams
    • Mixture of Sources
  6. Determining the Source of Dreams
    • Questions to ask
    • Different Sources of Nightmares
      • Nightmares from God
      • Nightmares from our soul
      • Nightmares from Demons
  7. Dreams as a Gift of the Holy Spirit
    • Prophecy
    • Words of wisdom
    • Words of knowledge
    • Discerning of spirits
    • The gift of faith
    • Anointing for the interpretation of dreams


  1. Dreams vs Visions
  2. Ways to experience visions
    • Open/external vision
    • Inner/internal vision
    • Trances
    • Vision of the night
    • Panoramic vision
    • Translation
  3. Types of Visions
    • Vision by burden
    • Burden produces vision
    • Destiny vision
  1. Dream Interpretation
    • Secular vs Biblical interpretation
    • Dream interpretation
      • The importance of the Holy Spirit in dream interpretation
      • Four ways God may choose to give interpretation
  2. Deeper Meanings to Dreams
    • A simple message dream
    • A simple symbolic dream
    • The complex symbolic dream
  3. Remembering Dreams
  4. Process of Interpretation
    • General Process and Tips
    • Questions to Ask
    • Always Seek the Lord
    • The Settings of Dreams
    • Interpreting Nightmares
  5. Personal Responses After Receiving a Dream
    • General Response Principles
    • Test the dream
    • Responding to exposed sin
    • Responding to exposed hurts
    • Responding to exposed oppression
    • Responding to exposed mind-sets
  6. Prophetic Responses After Receiving a Dream
    • Warnings
    • Insight for Self
    • Insight for Others
      • Principles of giving dream interpretation to others with integrity
    • Spiritual Insight of Second Heaven Revelation
  1. Common Dream Scenarios
  2. Numbers
  3. Colors
  4. People
  5. R-Rated dreams/sexual/nudity
  6. Basic symbols
    1. Biblical symbols
    2. Common symbols and their interpretations
    3. Directions
    4. People/relatives/trades
    5. Vehicles and parts
    6. Miscellaneous